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Sundaes at Walsingham

The End or The Beginning?

Final Thoughts Posted on Sat, August 06, 2016 16:08:39

“Had such an amazing time thank you so much Mary, Sarah
and Aileen for organising it.”

“Thank you to everyone for such an enjoyable week,
especially Mary, Sarah and Aileen”

“Just spent 5 days in a wet, windy and sunny field in
Norfolk for the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage. We had our laughs and it was
certainly fun. Thank you so much to Mary, Sarah and Aileen for organising
it all. Let’s hope the weather is better next year.”

“It certainly was amazing but the weather hasn’t stopped us

“Not like last year at least!!”

Yeah but it still didn’t stop us last year, but let’s hope
we can spread Gods’ mercy now.”

“Yeah and carry out our pledge.”

“Just spent a week at Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage 2016.
I really enjoyed it this year (maybe more than last year)! Thank you so much to
our wonderful leaders Sarah, Mary and Aileen for looking after us!”

“I enjoyed every bit of it thank you for making it so

Pilgrims Beauty Parlour

Friday Posted on Fri, August 05, 2016 18:46:10

Pilgrims Beauty Parlour

Natural Blow Dry……………………………….Free

Natural Solar Highlights……………………….Free

Mushy Pea Ultimate Hair Conditioning…….Free with fish & chip supper

Tomato Ketchup Styling Mousse……………Free

Foot exfoliation (Holy Mile barefoot)……..Free

Hay Meadow Foot Massage…………………Free

Real Mud Face Pack……………………………Free (limited availability this year!)

Candle wax Peel………………………………..Free

Cut Grass Body Rub…………………………..Free

Natural Soft Rainwater Shower…………….Free

Wind-assisted Tanning………………………..Free

Complete package includes all of the above plus inner healing & contentment delivered by regular sharing of God’s Mercy – it really Works!

Healing Liturgy

Wednesday Posted on Fri, August 05, 2016 18:41:55

Last night, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the healing liturgy in which everyone was given the chance to be anointed, to confess for sins and to take part in the laying on of hands. I thought that the whole atmosphere was beautifully comforting and it lead me to feel very close and connected to God. Personally, I chose to be anointed and afterwards I felt at peace with myself and my surroundings.

Healing Liturgy

Wednesday Posted on Fri, August 05, 2016 18:41:21

Tonight we had the Healing Liturgy after the fun and games at the big top. We were able to talk to someone about anything that was troubling us, we could be anointed by a priest (using Holy Oils to mark the cross on our foreheads and hands) or you could just sit and prey in silence. We could sit with someone and tell them our worries and then they would pray with you about your worries. We could also sit and talk to someone if we needed advice on something that was troubling us and they would sit and pray with us. You could sit on your own in the silence and pray and just release your thoughts into the hands of God and he would be able to help you in any way he could.

During the night it was the Shrine Prayer Relay. When our slot came we made our way in silence to the big top and we lit a candle and placed it under the photo of Our Lady of Walsingham and then we sat down and said prayers that were led by Aileen. We had all written our own prayers and at the appropriate time we placed our prayers down and we also had our prayer beads and we used them as we prayed.

This was a lovely way to end the night because it felt like all my troubles had been lifted and that I didn’t have to worry about them anymore because God had listened and taken my concerns into his own hands and I didn’t have to worry.

Day four at the Pilgrimage

Thursday Posted on Fri, August 05, 2016 18:37:37

Thursday morning we woke up to a dry tent for once! It
hadn’t rained all night so the field was dry too. No wet feet! Yay!

We headed across the field for bible study with Father John,
from the Roman Catholic Shrine. He talked about James 3.1-18 but ended up
giving us more of a life lesson; talking about when he was a teenager and
helped a man by picking up his false teeth up out of his vomit… A disgusting,
but memorable, story. He taught us that most choices aren’t impossible just
hard and that we need to start to understand the difference. Not your
traditional bible study…

We arrived back to the campsite where Aileen, Sarah and Mary
were cooking bacon. It was so windy that the bacon took twice as long to cook
than normal. After about half an hour of cooking the bacon was finally cooked
and it was definitely worth waiting for!

The Mass was led by Chichester camp. They talked about the
theme of Reconciliation and the story of Lazarus, with a play to go with it. It
made us think about our daily actions and how we should treat people. The Mass
ended with the usual Communion, Dismissal and singing.

During the afternoon we prepared for our woodland communion
by choosing a reading, gospel, collect and prayers of intersessions. The
reading was James, Chapter 1, verses 19-27, which we have been focusing on
during bible study. The Gospel reading was, Mathew, chapter 3, verses 13 to 17.
The intersessions were based on our prayer beads and we wrote prayers together
based on our community, the sick and other points we felt needed praying for. We
all prepared these and then we went into the woodland and we all shared
communion under one of the trees not just to shelter from the
rain but to have some privacy whilst we shared the gifts from God. Revd Aileen
led the service and we passed communion around the circle giving each other the
bread and wine. Weather conditions were wet but this didn’t distract our
communion service.

Overall I enjoyed this service because it was nice to have
our own communion service with Revd Aileen and having quiet and reflective time
and prayers and readings we chose and contributed too.

Day three at the Pilgrimage

Wednesday Posted on Wed, August 03, 2016 19:22:58

Wednesday morning we woke up after a slightly windy (and slightly damp) night’s sleep. Condensation on the inside of the tent had collected and had been dripping onto us in the night, but overall it wasn’t too bad! Once we’d had a quick breakfast we went down to the café for bible study on the Letters of James. This morning we talked about what the use is in believing in the faith if you don’t act on what it tells you. The verses we looked at from chapter 2 mention two ‘role models’ for this idea; Abraham and Rahab, who both had faith and acted on it to do what God ultimately wanted from them. The study ended with the decision that Jesus is our ‘ultimate role model’ for what a Christian should do to act on their faith in order to show mercy to other people and creatures around us.

Father Aran Beesley joined us for the day and brought with his some footballs for Abbie (who left hers at home) and we have already spent some time kicking it about at the end of our pitch. It was nice to give Father Aron a tour around the camp and thankfully he is not scared away by us yet! We hope he enjoys the rest of his day with us!

A little later we went to Mass in the Big Top tent. It was on the theme of Eucharist (the second letter in the pilgrimage’s theme of Mercy). However this morning it was a little different to normal as it also included a sprinkling before the Communion. The clergy gave the water (from the Walsingham well) to us to drink in a silver ladle, then marked our foreheads with a cross before pouring the remainder of the water over our cupped hands – if a little over both our and their feet! It made me feel peaceful.

After Mass the people who hadn’t yet showered went down to the shower block for a wash. After a wash I think we all felt a little more human and a lot less mud monster!

Funny Thing of Today – Niamh falling off her chair as it blew over in the wind

What We Have Learnt Today – The field is a lot nicer when the sun is out and it isn’t raining!

This afternoon we were able to sign up to do an activity.
The activities on offer included sword fencing, craft, boot camp and singing
with CJM.

4 of us decided to sign up to do the singing workshop with
CJM. We learnt a range of songs including a Mercy version of Sorry by Justin
Bieber, He’s Blessing Me, Oh Happy Day, Now This Offering, My Lighthouse and a
song with sign language.

We all found it very enjoyable and especially the walk up to
Walsingham where the workshop took place because we got to walk there on our
own and it allowed us to be independent. We really loved learning all the new
songs, some of which we will be performing in front of the rest of the pilgrims
this evening.

When we returned all 7 of us finished decorating our prayer
boxes, some of which had elaborate decorations and others were more subtle with
a select colour scheme. This was really fun as it allowed us to express our individuality
whilst making something that is very functional for us. We also wrote a prayer
each to take to the prayer relay this evening.

Tea was fish and chips (or sausage and chips) which was
absolutely scrummy and Father Aran came the right day for tea. The only
downside was the gale-force winds blowing through the campsites. There were
even some runaway tents today.

Day two at the Pilgrimage

Tuesday Posted on Wed, August 03, 2016 19:16:23

At 9.00 in the morning we set off to the café to complete
bible study. It’s so good that in just one hour we can learn so much depth to a
chapter in the bible. This morning we studied The Letter Of James, Chapter One.
Fr Phillip Barnes lead today’s bible study and began relating to us by
exclaiming events from his past to link to the chapter we were looking at
today. He kept his audience awake and was entertaining. He read the chapter
explaining what James meant and God intended. He regularly stated that we
should, “hear quickly, speak slowly, and be slow to anger” this phrase was inspiring and clearly
explained our theme,”mercy”.Fr. Phillip
also stated, ‘don’t just be a hearer of
God but be a doer as well’ this told us what James letter read and meant.

We went to Mass in the big top where we had a Holy Communion
service with CJM playing music and responses during the service.

After Mass we returned to our tents and sat outside and
relaxed for a while then had lunch.

After lunch we did some crafts, making prayer boxes to put
our prayer beads in and also notebook and pens for us to write our thoughts and

We then went to watch Abbie playing football in the 7 a-
side football tournament. Although her team she played with didn’t quite win,
she did really well. Well done Abbie!

After this it started to rain and rained on and off all

The walk to the Slipper Chapel was a good experience and was
nice to be in a different atmosphere as we went to the Catholic Shrine. Very
different to what I had experienced before and the service based around Mercy
was thought provoking, I enjoyed hearing the readings from the bibles and
reflectiveness of the prayers. The walk I enjoyed as I did this barefoot to
make the experience real and I enjoyed this even though a little rough
underfoot .Walking with the other pilgrims was a good experience as we were all
doing the same thing together. The rain made it easier underfoot, it felt real with God’s presence. I enjoyed
finishing the holy walk in the shrine gardens as I felt it was a good way to
end together with the other pilgrims. I am looking forward to the rest of the
week and different experiences I am going to undertake and meeting other

Opening Liturgy

Monday Posted on Tue, August 02, 2016 14:37:02

We began the evening with sausage rolls, fried potatoes and
beans .It was simple yet delicious and left us with a perfect appetite for some
homemade cake. Yum!

After dinner, at 6:30pm, we headed to the big top for our
opening liturgy service; this included some brilliant music from ‘CJM’, a
sermon from the vicar of Walsingham, some great performances from the ministry
team and a procession to the shrine garden for prayers. At 8:30pm, after
tucking into a tasty barbequed sausage or burger, most of us went to the disco
while a few went back to our tent to relax.

At 10:30pm, the disco ended and we carefully
ran through the pouring rain. We were
successful in not slipping over until Eleanor warned Sophia not to trip over the
guide ropes, and gave an example of what not to do (she fell over one herself)!!!
Most of us were very tired and so once we’d got into our comfy, dry pyjamas we
fell asleep straight away. Unfortunately, it was not so dry when we woke up in
the morning, as we discovered an array of drips and puddles in our leaky tent!

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